Twenty-one years ago, when I was a participant at Shakespeare & Company’s month-long intensive, I met Sarah Hickler. She’s a theatre artist who introduced us to a wonderful practice called Authentic Movement. I liked it so much, I invited her to lead AM workshops at JMU where I was teaching at the time. In casual conversation I shared an insecurity I had, that I seemed to be doing all these disconnected, fragmented things. Teaching acting. Directing plays. Blogging about travel with my family. Hosting a variety of shifts on our local public radio station. Everyone else seemed to have a life and career that was so easy to describe…was I doing something wrong?

Not at all, she said. Andi, you just have a big life.

I really liked that. It allowed me to let go of the need to have the story of my life fit some kind of narrative, and also made me really interested in how all of our lives have these disparate elements that make us unique.

I chose this title because I don’t want to say I’m only going to write about X and never about Y or Z…or K or B for that matter. Everything is fair game. Everything fits. It’s a big life, after all. Let’s go!

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I'm an audiobook narrator, author, teacher, traveler, recovering overthinker.


Once, I fretted to an artist friend that all the different things I've done in work and life didn't seem to coalesce. She told me I just had a big life.